Boardwalk engraved Bluefish -need 12 more orders!

September 19, 2012 11:19

We have 13 orders pending for engraved Bluefish on the boardwalk. We need 12 more to have the next batch of 25 installed. Our goal is to have Bluefish on the entire length of the boardwalk. So get your order in! It's great for remembering a loved one, doing something special for the grandkids or advertising your business.

Benches will be installed on the boardwalk next week. We are looking for sponsors for the benches at a cost of $1,800. Benches will have the engraved Bluefish that will carry your message. There is space for up to four Bluefish, so if a group wants to share a bench, there is room for four separate engravings. Contact Town Hall at 458-8216 for more information on go to our website at and information is on the home page.

Photo of Bluefish on the boardwalk

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