March 13, 2015 11:00

This year's FREE debris removal for Kure Beach homeowners/residents is scheduled for Thursday, April 9th. This is a one-day only special service. Please have your debris in the right of way in front of your home prior to 7:00 am on Thursday morning.  Items put out before April 3rd will be charged. The Town will not accept the following items:

Paints & pesticides              Shingles

Gas cylinders                       Batteries

Tires                                     Oil drums

Used or mixed oil                 Bio-medical waste

Construction debris             Wooden pallets    

Electronics (televisions, computers, printers, etc.) will also NOT be picked up. (See Environmental Management Dept. at for more information on these items.)


Vegetation must be of the non-commercial yard debris type, not vegetation from lot clearing. Brush will need to be separated from all other types of debris and should not be bagged.


If you have any questions about pick up, please call the Public Works Department at 910-458-5816.

Town of Kure Beach | 117 Settlers Lane, Kure Beach, NC 28449 | 910-458-8216