Notice of Public Hearings on 9/18/12

September 04, 2012 08:57

Notice is hereby given that the Kure Beach Town Council will hold two public hearings at Town Hall as the first items of business at the regular Council meeting to be held on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 6:30 pm, or soon thereafter. The purpose of the hearing it to receive public comments on the following proposed amendments to the Code of Ordinances:

  •  Chapter 19, Article IV, Section 321.5 Prerequisite to construction, demolition, remodeling and impervious surfaces, etc.

The proposed amendment allows drip-through wooden or gravel driveways in any district when serving a single family residence.

  • Chapter 19, Article IV, Section 19-332.5 Roof Pitch

The proposed amendment will allow Oceanfront houses to have a roof pitch of 3/12.


A copy of the two proposed ordinance amendments are on file in the office of the Town Clerk for viewing. All interested persons are encouraged to attend the public hearings.

Town of Kure Beach | 117 Settlers Lane, Kure Beach, NC 28449 | 910-458-8216