Town Facility Improvement Project


The current police, fire and town hall buildings were constructed in the 1990s. Since then, town staff has more than doubled. North Carolina laws governing retention of documents, police evidence storage, and required fire equipment have created demands for space. Growth in population, increase in visitors, and demands for services have also increased space needs. All of these factors resulted in Town Council addressing this matter at a retreat at the beginning of 2016.


In July 2016, Town Council hired an architectural firm to provide a design and an estimated construction budget for the expansion of town facilities. The design includes expanding the Town Hall building to add offices, additional document vaults and a larger Council room. It also includes renovation of the existing police building and expansion into the current attached building used by the fire department. Additionally, a new fire station is to be constructed on land adjacent to the Town Hall complex, and the traffic and parking layout will be re-designed to add 48 more parking spaces to accommodate visitors and staff.


In February 2017, Council hired the same firm to prepare plans and specifications for construction. It is expected that construction bids will be received on the project in September 2017. After bids are received and actual construction costs are known, Town Council will hold a public hearing giving notice of intent to finance the project. The anticipated total budget is $5 million.


Town Council expects these improvements to serve the Town’s needs adequately for another 25+ years. Construction should begin in October or November 2017 and take at least a year or longer to complete.


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