If I see a stranded or dead marine mammal on the beach, what should I do?

06/21/2012 Categories: Beach

Contact one of the following people as soon as possible. It is crucial that the marine mammal be examined soon after it washes ashore to assist in its recovery or to collect fresh tissue samples from a deceased mammal to determine the cause of death. Please try all phone numbers until you have reached a stranding response person.

Bill McLellan – 910-962-7266 UNCW; 910-686-6104 HOME; or 910-264-9816 CELL.


Paul Barrington – 910-458-8259 x221 NC AQUARIUM; 910-792-1755 HOME.

Town of Kure Beach | 117 Settlers Lane, Kure Beach, NC 28449 | 910-458-8216