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Visitors and current residents, welcome to Kure Beach. Please enjoy this small stretch of Pleasure Island to the fullest. Be safe and be considerate. We want you to have a great experience during the 100 days of summer and return next year for more of the same. We provide outstanding public services, if the need arises.
It is commonly accepted that tragedies bring with them a renewed appreciation for the things we love most. After the devastating oil spill in the Gulf, we cannot help but see all of our coastlines in a new light. They are beautiful and peaceful, strong and majestic, alluring and rejuvenating. However, they are also fragile wonders to be handled with care. We want to encourage ocean lovers everywhere to renew your bond with the beach!
Head to your favorite seaside place, nap in a hammock, cruise on a boat, surf on a board, watch birds take flight, build sand castles with the littlest beach bums in your family.
Here is a few ways we love life by the sea in Kure Beach.
Have fun: At the beach, no one raises their eyebrows when adults act like kids.
Hang out: Lounging under an umbrella for nine straight hours is considered normal.
Live free: Our best memories are made here - on vacation, on a sunrise or sunset walk, on a dare using a surfboard.
Dress down: At get-togethers, the dress code is always: come as you are.
But please remember this is a FAMILY ORIENTED BEACH – if you wouldn’t do it in front of your parents or grandparents, then do not do it on the beach, in the parking lot or in public areas.
Rest peacefully: It is where we seem to get our best night’s sleep.
Feed your appetite: Food tastes better at the shore; in fact, you are practically required to indulge.
Appreciate nature: Dolphins smile, pelicans dive, and crabs walk side-ways; how great is that.
Move slowly: When you are on “beach time” everything is “go with the flow”; no schedule, no rushing, no stress.
Toast the shore: Cocktail hour is really a race between you and the melting ice.
Enjoy the sun: Everyone smiles bigger when they have a sun-kissed glow on their cheeks.
Kure Beach provides a unique set of flavors to shore enjoyment. Among a handful of rare coastal gems, Kure Beach stands out as the Diamond. Come sparkle with us.

Commissioner John Ellen

Town of Kure Beach | 117 Settlers Lane, Kure Beach, NC 28449 | 910-458-8216