Public Works wants to remind everyone that cooking grease & oilis your drain's worst enemy and causes sewers to overflow. Be careful when disposing of cooking grease & oil byusing theserecommendations:

√ DO putgrease & oil in collection containters

√ DO removegrease & oil from kitchen utensils, equipment and food preparation areas with scrapers ortowels

√ DO keep grease & oil out of wash water

√ DOplace food scraps in collection containers

Ø DON'T pour grease & oil down drains

Ø DON'T wash fryers, griddles, pots, pansor plates with water until grease & oil are removed

Ø DON'T use hot water to rinse grease & oil off surfaces

Ø DON'T put food scraps down drains

For more information, contact NC Division of Environmental Assistance Customer Assistance at 1-877-623-6748 (toll free).