Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 10:50 am


Power outages have already occurred in parts of the Town. All personnel impacted should contact Duke Energy at their 800-419-6356 number and report your address or at


Carolina Beach Town officials are closely monitoring wind speeds on Snow's Cut Bridge. It is anticipated that winds will be sustained at or above 45 mph early this afternoon. A notification will go out immediately once the bridge closes. Emergency responders will assess Town streets and infrastructure immediately after the storm passes. Once life safety concerns have been addressed, the bridge will be re-opened. Pending level of damage, bridge opening may be staggered to only allow residents and business owners.

Emergency response will be limited after winds reach 45 mph sustained. ALL PERSONNEL SHOULD BE WHERE THEY INTEND TO BE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE STORM.

Curfew is still planned to begin at 8:00 pm this evening. If conditions warrant a change it will be communicated as soon as possible.


Isolated cyclonic activity has resulted in multiple tornado warnings in our area. This is expected to continue to into the afternoon and possibly the evening on Thursday. Ensure that you are attentive to any warnings and add weather warnings to your cell phone if you do not have it turned on, consult your cellular service provider's website on how to activate. Move to lower level and center areas of your home. Determine now where you will shelter in your home if a tornado is reported in the area.


The time to make a decision and execute your plan is NOW. You should have completed all home preparations and be where you plan to stay during the storm by early afternoon today. NOTE there will be continuing deteriorating weather with strong rain bands accompanied by gusty winds throughout the day. Localized heavy showers will result in significant water on roadways during and after the event until the drainage systems can catch up. Emergency Management recommendations from all levels - State of North Carolina, New Hanover County and the Town of Kure Beach is for you and your family to Evacuate at the earliest opportunity.

IF you decide to disregard this advice - RECOGNIZE that during the storm, you and your family are ON YOUR OWN. Be prepared to perform any emergency medical care for those staying in your household as well as any damage repairs during the storm necessary to stay safe. Following the storm, please ensure that you have food and drinking water for a minimum of 3 days. IF there is damage to the Town and no power - you will be confined to your property until access is restored to the Town for the citizens who wisely chose the safest alternative of evacuating. During the storm when the power goes out - DO NOT use candles - as a fire in tropical force winds represents a danger to you, your property and your neighbor's property.


MINIMAL CHANGE AT THE 5:00 AM THURSDAY FORECAST- The current forecast has tropical storm winds arriving in Kure Beach during the early to mid-morning hours on Thursday, September 5th. National Hurricane Center forecast has over a 70% probability of the Town having Hurricane force winds during the evening hours of Thursday into the early morning hours of Friday. NC Highway Patrol will close the bridge once sustained winds of over 45 mph are observed and will remain closed throughout the event. NOTE - at this time Hurricane Dorian has strengthened and is a Category 3 storm. It is still forecast to be a Category 2 when it affects Kure Beach.


INCREASED RISK - the updated forecast shows extremely high seas with expected surge levels of 5-7ft. High tide occurs at 1:22 pm Thursday and 1:34 am Friday morning. With the expected large sea state and the timing of the storm, significant beach erosion is possible. Please exercise extreme caution on the beach strand as first responders are completing storm preparations and lifeguards are not on duty. THERE IS AN INCREASED RISK OF SURGE DAMAGE TO FRONT ROW HOMES BASED ON THE UPDATED FORECAST.


INCREASED RISK - The updated forecast show 10-15 inches of rain expected with this event from Thursday morning through Friday mid-day. This is well below the 29 inches of rain that the Town received during a similar timeframe with Hurricane Florence but does represent an increased risk of roadway and low-lying property flooding due to storm water.


With tropical storm and hurricane winds expected, there is a high likelihood of power outages throughout the Town. Power will not be restored until after the storm, during Hurricane Florence the power was not restored for 3-4 days.


The Town will be under curfew starting at 8:00 pm today, Thursday, September 5, 2019. Citizens who have chosen to stay in their homes are encouraged to stay off the roads and safe with the increased threat of tornadoes during the Thursday daylight hours. Being out in tropical force winds presents a significant danger to yourself as well as possibly putting first responders at risk if you have an issue out in the Town.

Thank you

Mayor Pro-Tem/Emergency Manager David Heglar