Three junior lifeguard camps will be held this summer. Camps are designed to teach kids about ocean safety, how our lifeguards go through daily operations and some medical training which includes CPR and Basic First-Aid application. This is a fun filled camp that is a great start for those who are looking to become lifeguards in the future. We've had a great turn out rate of kids that go through the camp and then join our ocean rescue program later. Camps are 5 days long starting at 9am until 1pm. Age requirement is 8 - 15 years old.

Camp dates are:

June 20th - 24th

July 18th - 22nd

August 8th - 12th

Fees are:

For (1) Camp $120 per child/$200 for 2 children in the same family/$300 for 3

For (2) Camps $200 per child/$400 for 2 children in the same family/$600 for 3

For (3) Camps $300 per child/$600 for 2 children in the same family/$800 for 3

Deadlines for sign up are:

June camp: June 15th

July camp: July 20th

August camp: August 3rd

For more details and an application, click here.