Dear Kure Beach, 

The new year 2020 is here.   I wanted to tell you about some priorities on the minds of your Town Council,  also would love to solicit your input on any of these topics or some others you feel need focus.

Working your desires for our community is a constant activity and an important part of the budget process for the next fiscal year.  Things happen and may divert focus from time to time but here are some things on our mind:

  1. What do we want for our community, as part of our character and charm, how to handle parking.    We have two town hall meetings scheduled to discuss.  
  2.  A new AD-HOC Pedestrian Committee to address our future in pedestrian safety, alternative bicycle paths,  use of golf carts and          anything else that would add to the beauty and mobility of our community, All on our land not Sunny Point.
  3.  Complete the work on the drainage studies for the town to make the right investments with the most return on improving drainage.
  4.  Planning and Zoning on-going work on our downtown area, how to protect and preserve the nature of what we have and use and need. A clear view on the remaining lots available for construction in the town and the proper zoning to keep our character.
  5. Safety by the Police Department and Fire Department with additional force enabling devices financed primarily through available grants for which we will apply.   Inclusive of new fitness and training programs instituted by the Chiefs.
  6. Public Works continued plan on roadway replacement and other infrastructure maintenance and improvements as per the financial  plan.
  7. Beautification or our Beach areas, public access improvements and enhancements.
  8. Fiscal responsibility to our budget and 5 Year Capital Plan.
  9. Continued Public Work focus on cleanliness, Recreation Department on family activities, variety of activities.
  10. Review of our Codes and Land Use Plan to enforce or remove what guides actions in the Town. 

In my mind this is an important time for Kure Beach, we are totally bounded on all sides, Ocean to the East, Sunny Point to the West, the State to the South and Carolina Beach to the North.   We have approximately 200 available lots being built on at 25 to 35 per year. Our decisions must be driven by a vision shared by the community as to what we have been, what we are and what we will be.   I believe we all want to be the premiere beach community focused on family, a strong centralized business area,  a beautiful beach with recreational opportunities, and fair and controlled ordinances. 

Thank you,

Mayor Bloszinsky