Posted by April 18, 2019 02:03

Citizens and Property Owners of Kure Beach,

Town Council has opted to NOT have a FREE debris removal for this spring. The reasons for this decision are many. Hurricane Florence was a significant event in cost and impacts. Public Works removed 257 tons of vegetative debris and 80 tons of construction and demolition debris over several weeks at a cost of $104,000. FEMA will reimburse us for this amount but funding has not been received at this point. Concurrently, we are in the process of inspecting and cleaning our waste water lines to ensure they are ready for the next storm season. Once the work is completed by Weeks Marine on our beach, we will ensure the public walkways are ready for the season. Simultaneously, we will continue all the other regular cleaning, trimming, and town services. These activities, with the available resources, take priority over the FREE removal.  We will re-evaluate for a possible fall cleaning event.

The Town has made arrangements with our county officials for monthly disposal of hazardous material at Town Hall. The first date is Saturday, May 4th and electronics, paints, and hazardous waste can be disposed of each month. That announcement is added here for detail. If you have debris you can contact Public Works for pick-up on Thursdays; however, there is a fee associated with that action of $15 to $45 dollars or more depending on how much debris is involved.  

We realize this is a popular event, many in and out of our town have taken advantage of the opportunities to clear their garages and their yards. The service is available to citizens and owners all year at a slight cost and the Hazmat Wagon will collect the items we do not take during the debris pick-up. We have solutions and encourage you to use them.


Craig Bloszinsky

Mayor of Kure Beach 


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