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Citizens and Owners at Kure Beach,

Over the past several years, the Town has granted some encroachments on the ocean front easement for pools. These approvals have been permitted by owner signatures on agreements which require immediate removal of these structures, at their cost, should the easements be required for storm damage or other town activity.

Council has determined that we will not permit additional structures in the ocean front easement. It is possible that during a major storm, owners could fail to remove the structures in time to allow coastal storm damage support activities, thus putting a burden on the Town to take legal steps to bring the property into compliance. This may be time consuming and potentially costly.

Under Article IX and X of our Code, swimming pools are allowed in all zones providing they meet the requirements of the Code.  This means if you want an ocean front pool, you will need to contain it within the property and not protrude into the easement. It means a smaller structure or a larger lot. The intent of this notice is to assist existing and potential owners in their planning. The structures with signed agreements will stay approved; however, new agreements will not be accepted.


Craig Bloszinsky 

April 2, 2019

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