Posted by December 03, 2018 11:30

This is official notice that the Town Council will hold a public hearing as follows:

Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Time: 5:30 pm, or soon thereafter

Place: Temporary Town Hall at the Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area

Purpose: Consider proposed amendments to Chapter 19 (Zoning):

  1. Article VI (Signs), Section 371 (Definitions) to add a new definition for ‘Monument Sign’
  2. Article III (Administration), Divisions 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 10 and 12 on Permitted Uses to delete ‘Churches and other places of worship including parish houses and Sunday schools (8661)’ and add new verbiage regarding ‘Religious institutions’

The proposed text amendments intend to: (1) provide a definition for “Monument Sign” in that Chapter 19 regulates such signs; (2) provide definitions for “Habilitation/Rehabilitation Facility” and “Homeless Shelter” and prohibit those uses; (iii) broaden the scope of the current definition for “church” by replacing it with a definition for “Religious Institution”; (iv) distinguish a secondary building used by a religious institution from a typical accessory building by defining such a structure as a “Religious Annex”; and (v) provide, as a permitted use within applicable districts, that a religious institution may use a religious annex to house, on a temporary basis, visiting religious groups and emergency relief workers providing services during states of emergencies.

Proposed amendments may be viewed at Town Hall or by clicking here.


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