Posted by June 05, 2019 11:29

Due to a lack of significant rain and consistent with county guidance from Cape Fear Public Utility, we are asking for your assistance in voluntarily conserving water. Ways that you may help are:

  • Limit car washing to the minimum;
  • Limit lawn and garden watering to that which is necessary for plants to survive;
  • Do not wash down outside areas such as sidewalks, patios, parking lots, service bays or aprons, etc.;
  • Do not leave faucets running while shaving or rinsing dishes;
  • Water shrubbery to the minimum required reusing household water when possible;
  • Limit use of clothes washers and dish washers and when used, operate fully loaded;
  • Use showers for bathing, rather than bathtub and try to limit showers to no more than four minutes;
  • Limit flushing of toilets by multiple usages;
  • Use of disposable and biodegradable dishes;
  • Use flow restrictive and water saving devices;
  • Limit hours of operation of water-cooled air conditioners;


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