Our next beach nourishment (now called coastal storm damage reduction or CSDR) project will begin November 16, 2015 and be completed by April 30, 2016.

Funding for this project is 65% from the Federal government, 17.5% from the State of N.C., and 17.5% from the Room Occupancy Tax (ROT) fund. No Kure Beach tax dollars are used for this project, nor have any been used in the past.

Sand will be placed in two areas as follows:

  • N. Carolina Avenue in Carolina Beach to Myrtle Avenue in Kure Beach
  • Davis Road to Camp Wyatt Court

Approximately 592,000 cubic yards of sand will be placed on the beach. Work will begin in the southern area first. Once our project is finished, Carolina Beach will receive their nourishment.

For more information on the history and funding of beach nourishment, please click here