Fire & Life Safety Education

Eliminate Hazards

  • Keep space heaters away from anything that can burn
  • Store all flammable materials away from heat
  • Don't let trash accumulate in attic, basement, or garage
  • Don't run extension cords behind rugs or curtains
  • Use fuses, circuit breakers and appliances with UL (Underwriters Laboratory) seal only
  • Don't overload circuits

Fire Prevention

  • Develop and memorize two escape routes
  • Assign responsibility for evacuating infants, elderly and the infirm
  • Choose meeting place outside home
  • Keys must be easily accessible
  • Hold frequent fire drills
  • Test every door for heat to be sure there's no fire on the other side

During a Fire

  • Leave personal belongings behind
  • Don't go back for any reason
  • If clothing catches fire, STOP, DROP & ROLL
  • In dense smoke, crawl on floor to nearest exit