5 Year Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Process

The Kure Beach Fire Department has taken a business-like approach to guiding the fire department moving forward, for the sole purpose of establishing clear organizational objectives and milestones, so we can hone our focus to constantly improve.  With each step of the process, we have constantly asked ourselves,

“How can we better serve our citizens and property that we are here to protect?”

Keeping this question in mind, it has assisted us in keeping our goals relevant, as so many times we can focus on inside results while the focus should be on OUTSIDE results.  However, I have also recognized that in order to provide solid outside results, our inside foundation must be sound.

The process has included:

  1. Meeting with volunteers on services that we offer that they like providing
  2. Meeting with volunteers on strengths and weaknesses
  3. Meeting with volunteers on where they want to see the department at year end 2018 & 2022
  4. Meeting with Full Time Staff on strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities, and their vision of how we can improve our department internally to provide outside results.
  5. Survey of both citizens and visitors of our town for the knowledge of the services that we provide
  6. Survey of the citizens of Kure Beach to determine which services that desire that we offer to reduce risk.
  7. Compilation of a master list of all meetings and surveys
  8. Meeting with board to determine any additional needs, visions, strategies, etc.
  9. Meeting with town government elected officials
  10. Adoption of mission and vision statements
  11. Creation of 5 year strategic plan

Strategic Goals

The Kure Beach Fire Department has created 5 strategic goals designed to address key issues identified during the strategic planning process and 42 action items that provide a method for achieving those goals. 

GOAL 1- Provide exceptional all-hazards service delivery, and evaluate organizational and process improvements

GOAL 2- Maintain a highly skilled and accountable workforce

GOAL 3- Promote community relationships and engagements

GOAL 4- Focus on resource management

GOAL 5- Capitalize on technology