The Department of Development and Compliance serves the Town of Kure Beach by regulating all construction and maintenance of buildings so that they are safe and sanitary. The inspector performs building, zoning, flood and other code enforcement work to ensure compliance of buildings and property with property codes, ordinances and regulations.

Other Inspection Department duties include:

  • Receiving applications for commercial and residential building permits
  • Issuing or denying permits requests
  • Making all necessary inspections
  • Issuing certificates of compliance
  • Distributing orders to correct code violations
  • Ability to bring judicial actions against violators

In September, 1977, the Town Council voted unanimously to adopt the Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA) Implementation and Enforcement Plan. This plan established procedures to follow relating to issuance of minor development permits in areas of environmental concern along with methods of identifying and taking into account projects and impacts of regional, state and national concern. The plan also introduced procedures to ensure that the CAMA program was consistent with the approved Land Use Plan for Kure Beach.


In addition to our Building Inspector executing the above duties, he is the local CAMA permit officer designated by the Division of Coastal Management.

Development and Compliance

(located at Kure Beach Town Hall)

117 Settlers Lane

Kure Beach,NC28449


Inspector John Batson


Office Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm

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