Storm Water

The Town Council adopted the Universal Storm Water Ordinance for Kure Beach, effective September 1, 2007. 

The purpose of the ordinance is to protect, maintain and enhance the environment, public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Kure Beach by controlling the adverse effects of increased post-construction runoff and illicit discharges. The first step in enforcing this ordinance is to carefully regulate the building permit process. Before applying for a building permit, you must have an approved, professionally engineered Storm Water Plan. This will be administered by the Wilmington office of the North Carolina Department of Water Quality (DWQ). 

This department is mandated by both the State and Federal governments and its role is to control storm water runoff. This is accomplished through the thoughtful building of structures that keep the storm water runoff on the property. The department is also responsible for reaching out to Kure Beach residents through educational information. 

Residential development has replaced much of Kure Beach's natural water filtering system, so it is up to those of us who live and work here to learn about the causes, effects and solutions to storm water runoff. Storm water is rain or irrigation water that washes off impervious surfaces. As it travels to storm drains, that water picks up pollutants as it makes its way to the Cape Fear River or Atlantic Ocean. Knowing what storm water runoff is, where it goes, and what it contains forms the building block for change.

To Report an Environmental Emergency, please contact

  • Kure Beach 24-hour Hotline 910-458-5816 – and –
  • North Carolina State Hotline 1-800-858-0368