Civil Citation Appeals

As per the Code of Ordinances for the Town of Kure Beach, the Police, Code Enforcement Officer, Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief have the authority to issue a Civil Citation when an ordinance is violated.

The Police Department has the authority to hire part time code enforcement to assist in issuing ordinance violations.

Whenever the Police, Code Enforcement Officer, Fire Chief or Assistant Fire Chief issue a civil citation, the person receiving the citation has the right to appeal the citation.

The person appealing the citation must fill out the Appeal of Civil Citation form with a copy of the citation received. When completing the form on-line, you will be given an opportunity to upload a copy of the citation. For a printable version of the form, click here. Complete the form and email it, along with a copy of the citation to the Katie Griffith at

Upon receipt of the appeal, the Police Administrative assistant or Designee will schedule a time for a hearing to be held with the appellant, the issuer of the citation and the attorney handling the arbitration. You must appear in person for your hearing. 

Failure to attend the hearing revokes the privilege to appeal the citation, and you will be responsible for payment of the citation.