Documents to Review


Notice is hereby given that the Kure Beach Town Council will hold a Legislative Hearing for the purpose of receiving public comments on the proposed budget for FY24-25, as follows:

DATE:            Monday, June 10, 2024

TIME:             6:00 p.m., or soon thereafter

PLACE:          Kure Beach Town Hall

The proposed budget includes the following highlights:

  • No changes in services provided or level of services provided
  • 2.42 cents tax rate increase (9.1%) – new tax rate is 29 cents
  • 25% garbage collection fee increase
  • 5.3% recycle collection fee increase
  • 10% water & sewer rate tier increase (no change to minimum)
  • Full -time headcount increase:
    • 1 Police Dept. position
  • Employee Compensation
    • COLA: 3.2%

PDF-Budget Presentation To Council 5-20-24  

PowerPoint-Budget Presentation To Council 5-20-24 

Budget Message FY 2024-2025 

FY 24-25 Budget Ordinance 

FY 24-25 Town Fee Schedule