Golf Cart Rules

Street Legal Golf Cart

Golf carts must be tagged and licensed, just like any other vehicle, to be legal in Kure Beach. Carts must also be driven by a licensed, legally of age individual.

According to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 500 (49 CFR 571.500) the list below defines the standard features of street legal golf carts:

  • Headlights and tail lights with turn signals and brake lights
  • Third brake light
  • License plate light
  • Four sets of seatbelts
  • Speedometer
  • Horn
  • DOT Approved Tires
  • DOT Approved Windshield
  • Windshield Wiper
  • Amber reflectors on all corners of the vehicle
  • Minimum speed of at least 21 mph
  • Maximum speed of 25 mph
  • One drivers side external mirror
  • One internal mirror
  • 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number, V.I.N.