Beach Wheelchairs

In order to assist our visitors and residents, with mobility restrictions the Town has manual-push beach accessible wheelchairs that may be reserved for up to a week at a time.


The Town believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the beach as much as possible, and this provides the opportunity for all to do so. Beach wheelchairs are designed for greater mobility over the sand, but they cannot be operated alone. Someone will need to push the wheelchair from behind.


To reserve a beach wheelchair, contact the Kure Beach Fire Department. Fire or Ocean Rescue personnel will help you plan for your visit and answer any questions you may have about the wheelchair.


The public beach accesses with parking and ADA ramp access to the beach are as follows: 

  • E Avenue (Access #643)
  • H Avenue (Access #343)
  • Ocean Front Park (Access #110)
  • L Avenue (Access #140)



Kure Beach Fire Department

Located at 608 K Avenue 


Call to Reserve


Beach Wheelchair