Disc Golf Course

Aerial shot of course starting point

Aerial shot of course starting point.


Disc Golf is alive and well in Kure Beach. Reviews from professionals have been quite positive, but you don't have to be a pro to start enjoying the course right now! The vegetation and terrain are unique and pose quite a challenge to pros and novices, alike. But, not so much that it spoils the game!

For anyone unfamiliar with Disc Golf - it is a competitive sport very similar to ball golf. There are 18 holes with tee pads and disc catcher "baskets" as the holes. The sport is played with special discs for drives, approach shots, and putts. No need to spend a lot of money on course fees or equipment, a few discs are all you need to get started. The rules are virtually the same as ball golf with each shot counting as one and you aim to finish the course in the least number of throws as possible. Our course is lucky to have two formats for the 18 holes; the original layout and an alternate course layout where the tees or baskets are located differently. Check the course map near hole #1 for the current course layout. 

Kure Beach boasts a very active disc golf community. The local Pleasure Island Disc Golf Club, The 458,  holds monthly tag matches the first Sunday of every month. During this monthly event, the course layout changes from the original layout to the alternate or vice versa. PIDGC also holds a large yearly tournament and smaller events throughout the year. For more information about PIDGC or to become a member, check out their Facebook page here

Sponsorship opportunities are available on the tee signage at each disc golf hole. If you're interested in getting your company's name, family name, a memorial, or message out to the disc golf community, please reach out to the Kure Beach Recreation Department at parks@tokb.org or (910) 458-8216 to check availability. The initial cost is $300, which includes the creation and installation of your sign and the first year of sponsorship. The annual cost after the first year is $50. All content is subject to the terms and conditions of the Town's Sponsorship Policy. 

Disc Golf Sponsor Form

Town of Kure Beach Sponsorship Policy

  • Course opened February 2011
  • Course located at south end of Joe Eakes Park in Kure Beach (K and 7th Avenues)
  • Hours of play are from sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week
  • FREE and open to the general public
  • Course is 18 holes with longest at 500 feet
  • Course is a Par 61
  • No alcohol allowed to be consumed on Kure Beach public property
  • No dogs allowed without a leash that is held by the owner & pet waste must be disposed of properly

Pavilion gateway to course, located at Joe Eakes Park

Disc Catcher

A player letting it fly

Aerial shot of course starting point