Our Town

Kure (pronounced CURE-ee) Beach is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River, near the southeastern tip of North Carolina. The Town's incorporated limits begin on the south side of Alabama Avenue (the north side of this road is in Carolina Beach) and go all the way down to the entrance of the Fort Fisher State Historic Site.

Spring and summer temps average about 82 degrees. Fall and winter temps average about 67 degrees (weather.com). Our year round population is just over 2,000, and increases to over enormously during our tourist season. Our residents are a mix of retirees and young families. We are represented by property owners from 32 states and many of our residents have lived in Kure Beach for generations. In fact, members of the Kure family still live here!

Over the years, people have continued to make Kure Beach their home. Years ago, they built charming beach cottages, many of which are still here today. More recently, larger homes are being built and painted in beautiful tropical colors.

Along with our clean, expansive beach, we are surrounded by nature with vistas of the ocean and the river. Our wooden boardwalk, peppered with benches and oceanfront swings, spans over one-third of a mile along the ocean front where you'll find lots of people relaxing and enjoying the beach. There is also a 711-foot, privately owned fishing pier. Originally built in 1923, it is the oldest fishing pier on the East Coast. The pier draws fishermen from all over and gives our business area the feel of a quaint fishing village.

The area is perfect for biking, kayaking, swimming, surfing, hiking, going for a walk or just lounging on the beach. Plus, our Town is compact enough that you are never further than a mile from the ocean.