Program Guidelines

Please view the Program Guidelines below:

  • Adoption sites are designated at each public access point south to the next access point. See the MAP section of our website. You will choose the section of the beach you want to adopt based on the number provided in the map. An access sign is shown to the left.
  • Adoption sites are quarterly commitments, based on a calendar year whereby organizations/individuals agree to daily/weekly trash pick up during the summer months (June – August) and monthly pick-up during the off-season. Monthly adoption is also taken for the high use months of June-August.
  • No participant shall walk on, or disturb any dune or nesting turtle sites.
  • Collected trash can placed in the trash bins located at the access point. Although not required, if you do separate recyclables, there are recycle containers at the boardwalk near the pier, or you can take them home to include in your own recycle container.
  • If you find any unusual trash, large items, or trash in the dunes, please don’t try to remove it, instead, contact Public Works by calling 910-458-5816.
  • If you spot a Live or Dead marine mammal stranded on the beach, or any injured bird or wildlife, please contact, as soon as possible, the appropriate person listed on the “Marine Mammal & Water Fowl Stranding Response Info” sheet or call Public Works at 910-458-5816.