Land Use Plan Committee

Mission: Update the 2006 Land Use Plan for the Town of Kure Beach.

Land Use Plan Survey Results 

2022 Viewable Land Use Plan 

Town Council adopted on November 21, 2022

Certified by Coastal Resources Commission on April 4, 2023


2006 Viewable Land Use Plan
Town Council adopted September 27, 2006
Certified by Coastal Resources Commission on November 17, 2006
Amended October 16, 2007
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Land Use Plan Maps:

Storm Surge Inundation Areas Map

CAMA Special Flood Hazard Areas Map

Environmental Composite Map

Exceptional Substantial & Beneficial Wetlands Areas Map

Coastal Wetlands & Estuary Waters Map

Significant Natural Heritage Areas & Protected Lands Map

Community Facilities Map

Transportation System Map

Existing Land Use Map

Land Suitability Analysis Map

Future Land Use Map