The beach nourishment project for our area begins this weekend. Weather permitting, mobilization of equipment and laying of pipes will start Saturday, March 23rd.

The actual pumping of sand on to the beach will begin soon after. The sand will be placed on the beach beginning at North Carolina Avenue in Carolina Beach and end at the pier in the north part of town. Sand will also be placed from E Avenue to Stormy Petrel in the south.

The Town receives beach nourishment every three years and the process is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Before each nourishment, the Corps surveys the beach and compares it to a template developed with the first nourishment. Each placement of sand is done to return the beach to that template. Normally, the area that receives nourishment is much smaller than it is this time. After Hurricane Florence, the Corps surveyed the beach again and petitioned for more federal funding to place more sand. They were successful in this and because of their efforts, our beach is getting nourished in additional areas. If your area of the beach is not receiving sand, it is because the surveys showed the sand in that area matched the template. History shows that sand returns to most areas of our beach during the three year cycle.

For those of you that have a private beach crossover that you are repairing, it is best to finish as soon as possible. Otherwise the repairs will need to wait until after the nourishment is completed. Crews will be working on the beach 24/7, meaning there will be noise and lights from the pumping and bulldozers moving sand day and night. This is necessary because there is a federal environmental window for the protection of sea turtles that impacts this work. We know this will be inconvenient, but the crews move as fast down the beach as weather and tides allow. Please remember that this nourishment is necessary for the protection of your properties. It is estimated that the sand placement to the pier will be completed by April 12th and the work at E Avenue will start a few days after that. The nourishment project should be totally completed by May 14th. The link below gives the progress of the work. The green line shows the area that has been completed, the yellow line is the area currently receiving sand and the pink line indicates where sand is yet to be placed.