A citizen's advisory group is forming to address traffic flow and safety. The group is requesting citizens' participation by sending in their traffic ideas and concerns, and attending meetings and activities. The group will meet occasionally. Meetings will be open to the public, held at Town Hall during operating hours, may vary in date and time and will be announced via the local newspaper and town website. Every effort will be made to inform the public in advance of any changes in meeting dates. Information gathered by the group will be presented to the public as it is developed. This information should not be considered as a fixed view, because additional information will place the objectives in a continual state of flux. The group will attempt to keep citizens informed as to its position on its stated objectives. A folder will be available at Town Hall with the current information the group has accumulated. Citizens may contact the group by email at All suggestions related to the current objectives of the group will be welcome; it will also be open to any suggestions that will improve the interaction between the group and citizens. The Advisory Group is not a function of town government and is non-political. Town Council is allowing use of town resources in assisting this group with gathering data.