Dredging Snow's Cut and Carolina Beach inlet

Dredging of the Carolina Beach inlet and Snow's Cut began Friday February 22, 2013.Any beach compatible materialwill be placed on the north end of Freeman Beach. The project is anticipated to last 4-5 weeks. Freeman Park will remain open, however the Carolina Beach Police Department advises people to use caution and stay away from the piping and construction areas in the interest of public safety. Entering posted beach areas can be very dangerous due to the heavy equipment and spoils being pumped on the shoreline.

A floating and submerged pipeline will run along the AICW channel to the Carolina beach Disposal Area. Mariners are cautioned to stay clear of dredge, booster, floating (pontoon) and submerged pipelines, barges, derricks and operating wires associated with dredging and marine construction operations. Operators of vessels of all types should be aware that dredges and floating pipelines are held in place by cables, attached to anchors some distance away from the equipment. Dredging projects are usually conducted twenty-four (24) hours a day seven (7) days a week, A NO WAKE transit is requested of all vessels passing the dredge and if necessary to clarify a SAFE PASSAGE contact the dredge on the appropriate VHF-FM channels 13 or 16.