Please remember that, by ordinance, the earliest garbage and recycling carts may be placed at the curb for collection is after sunset on the day before collection. Empty carts must be returned to your home by midnight after pick up.

Placing carts at the curb on Friday evening and leaving them until Monday or Tuesday pick up is not allowed, nor is leaving empty carts out. Placing garbage bags on the ground next to the carts as overflow is not allowed. These are violations and the fine is $50 per cart.

For those of you that rent your homes or are only here sometime, please make arrangements for these carts. The Town offers an additional garbage pickup on Saturdays or Sundays from June 1st until Labor Day. Cost is $50 per cart, per month. Contact Town Hall at 910-458-8216 to sign up for this service.

Please be considerate of your neighbors, the appearance of your neighborhood and the overall attractiveness, public health and safety of the Town.