Residents, Visitors and Property Owners,

Hurricane Isaias is now forecast to impact Kure Beach as a strong tropical storm on Monday afternoon through Tuesday mid-day. The Town has finalized preparations and has resources on standby for the storm. At this time, the town is continuing to monitor the storm for any changes to the forecast.

Everyone should continue to remain aware of the situation and finalize their property’s preparations for tropical storm force winds on Monday. This means that outside furniture and trash/recycling cans, etc. should be secured on Sunday to minimize any issues for the winds.

The Town has postponed pickups and will communicate as soon as the storm passes when trash/recycling services will resume later in the week.

With tropical storm winds, you should be prepared for some or all of the Town losing electricity during the storm passage (late Monday or early Tuesday morning) and for it to not be restored until the following day.

During the storm passage, you should shelter in place and not be driving around the town as high winds and debris represent a hazard to yourself and if an issue occurs emergency response may be delayed.

Stay safe and if you have any questions please send them to the town emails of and


David W. Heglar, PE
Emergency Manager
Town of Kure Beach