Citizens and guests of Kure Beach,  

July 4th is around the corner and it is important for me to address the subject of fireworks. Last year was a good 4th without the issues we have seen in the past. The problem is not to limit the fun we all enjoy at this time of the year, but to increase the awareness of the law, issues and problems over the last few years.  

State Law

N.C. General Statute 14-410 regulates the manufacture, sale, and use of pyrotechnics which are prohibited unless you have a license to exhibit, use, handle or discharge in connection with a concert or public exhibition having been licensed under Article 82A of Chapter 58 of General Statutes. 

Town Code

Chapter 5, Division 4 on Special Events of the Town ordinance prohibits fires or cooking of any kind on the beach strand.  No open flames are allowed on the beach strand including fireworks and tiki torches.


We have previously experienced dune fires over the last few years. We have had trash fires on the beach. The most recent trash fire almost required an attack line with hoses through a HOA entrance. There is danger of fires spreading through the dunes and into homes.


We have previously had two injuries reported: one person sitting with her 3 year old child was hit in the face and eye on a misfire requiring transport to the hospital; the other injury did not require transport to the hospital. 


We did find and issue citations for the individuals that we could identify as leaving litter all over the beach for the Public Works team and lifeguards to clear.

Our town has limited staff; however we do over staff firemen in 4x4’s with water cans to deal with any small fires. Additional police officers are also on patrol to ensure order and public safety. These are precautions as we do not have the staff to be at all places.

Therefore, it is important that people consider wind and weather conditions that would carry any sparking materials towards housing or our protective dunes. We also have COVID-19 directives to deal with and awareness of individuals in proximity to fireworks. This is important and I hope all will act accordingly.


Craig Bloszinsky 

Mayor Kure Beach