Friday, May 13, 2022 - 10:19am

Dear Residents and Owners at Kure Beach,

Early this year we had no idea if we would have the Federal funding to support Storm Damage Control for our beach. With the strong support of Congressman Rouzer and the US Army Corp. of Engineers, money was provided late in 2021. We are grateful for their support that made this year’s project possible.

Starting late and dealing with new interpretations on sand retrieval areas have created some issues beyond the control of all involved.  Weather, equipment issues, regulations, sand borrow area challenges; all have put us into a late project condition. To get ahead of the questions I am advising all of the proposed path forward.

We expect to complete the ENTIRE template for the length of the beach by pumping sand until Monday the 23rd of May. From the 24th to the 26th Great Lakes will start to demobilize the piping on the beach. This pipe will be removed to staging areas on the beach. The work will then cease for Memorial Day weekend to allow all to enjoy the beach. Demobilization will then continue through approximately June 6th when all work is expected to be complete. The areas on the beach where sand was pulled to construct bridges across the piping will be releveled addressing the pooling.

This has been a long journey with the support from every area of Government. The end is in sight.

Best Regards,

Craig Bloszinsky 

Mayor Kure Beach