The Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) on traffic has no authority to establish policy. Its objective is to collect information related to a specific issue. It will then present the data along with possible solutions to the Town Council for its consideration.

The CAG is currently reviewing the impact of bicycles on the flow of traffic and accidents. After considering current state and local law regarding bicycle safety and vehicular traffic, the group has identified a list of items that may contribute to lessening the chance of accidents and allow for a freer flow of traffic:

  1. Recognition that the cyclists have rules that should be followed, as directed by the state and town, when operating on public roads, such as: signage, giving directional signals, use of suggested bike safety equipment.
  2. Cyclists should take into consideration their visibility due to weather, time of day, color of clothing, and become more aware of objects that might block their line of sight when approaching an area.

If you can think of anything else, related to the use of bikes on our roadways, please send your suggestions to the CAG at