To the Citizens of Kure Beach, first it is an honor and pleasure to serve the Town as a Commissioner. During the first four months of my term, many great things are happening to our Town. One of my assignments is the construction of the new Town Hall / Fire Department project. Each week our Construction Manager, Building Inspector Batson and myself attend the contractor meeting with the sub-contractors on the job. Once a month we meet with our Project Manager from Oakley Collier Architects to review the progress of the project. I thought I would update you on the renovations to Town Hall and the new Fire Department. Progress is moving steady towards the scheduled completion date in December. If you have driven by the project site, you will see the front of the existing Town Hall has been removed. Soon new walls and roofing will start to take shape. The new Fire Station has electrical and plumbing rough ins completed. The floor for the offices and staff areas were poured last Wednesday. Masons began laying the block walls late last week. Next the floor for the apparatus bays will be poured. Soon we will see steel erection and roof trusses being installed.

The Town has formed a great team to lead the construction of the project. Thomas Construction Company has lived up to the expectation of being a quality builder; Oakley Collier has designed a very functional building that will serve our needs for the next 25 years. Finally, our staff and previous Council should be recognized for having the vision to plan for the future and put the project in motion.

If you have questions or concerns please feel to contact me at

Allen Oliver, Commissioner