Many of our friends, family and neighbors have still not returned, so please continue to be vigilant of anyone that may visit unoccupied homes. As we proceed through clean-up and start our return to normalcy, we are removing the restrictions used during the evacuation. Town Council has rescinded the State of Emergency, but is staying consistent with the County's direction on curfew. New curfew hours from the county are 10 pm to 6 am.

We are fortunate to be in a sand recovery period for our beach. We are working with the US Army Corp of Engineers to re-evaluate losses as we prepare for sand replacement for the coming season. During this storm, the dunes did their job, but we did experience some significant dune erosion with some of the escarpments from 2 to 6 feet or higher. With curfew extended, please be careful if you go the beach and please do not go to the beach in the dark. Some access walkways are damaged and blocked with yellow tape, that is for your protection.

Welcome back!

Craig Bloszinsky

Mayor Kure Beach