Dear Residents of Kure Beach,

I wanted to make you aware of some of the details associated with the work done by town staff, some local citizens and the support of the town businesses. No one did this alone, it was a tremendous effort. Our Emergency Manager David Heglar, Police Chief Mike Bowden, Public Works Director Jim Mesimer, Fire Chief Ed Kennedy, Building Inspector John Batson, all were tireless in directing their staff from crisis to crisis through what seemed an endless storm. No one had much rest but all remained focused.

Tremendous thanks to our Public Works warriors, they wrestled multiple water breaks and throughout the night they stood in thigh deep water at drains to keep storm debris at bay to prevent catastrophic flooding in our community. Public Works Director Mesimer managed to keep our water system pressurized through all the turmoil and the result was we were one of the only towns to maintain drinkable water through our system.

Tremendous thanks to our Fire Department, the volunteers and regulars on deck around the clock dealt with any issues finding and marking downed power lines, downed trees and were ready for any medical support that was needed.

Tremendous thanks to our Police officers for their support in curfew, roadblocks and bridge duty to maintain order and protect all the property for town residents, support for fuel supplies which had to be pumped by hand in all manner of weather, round the clock patrolling to keep the community safe and being available wherever needed.

Tremendous thanks to Building Inspector John Batson who single handedly assessed town damage and identified over 100 properties that he placed into the County data base for damaged structures. Thanks to him for the immediate work to assist with Ocean Dunes damage and communicate our beach conditions.

Tremendous thanks to Town Clerk Nancy Avery who pushed out all our communications to you from a remote site because our internet and communications structure was down.

The work mentioned here is special for many reasons but one in particular; all these people do not live on the island, they were here for days unable to cross the bridge, unable to check their own property while they fought to save ours. If you have any problems with what occurred, thank them and bring the problem to your commissioners who were also here in support of all these activities.

This note would not be complete without more thanks to our local businesses that provided food and beverage during the stressful hours. Remember to support them as they supported us. It took a lot of food for 40 plus workers for three meals daily for a week and for the National Guard team stationed locally while supporting multiple other communities including us.

Sam Khatib, Island Quick Mart, our only fuel source for emergency vehicles and generators. Sam gave full control of his tanks and provided a good deal of food from his shelves.

Mike and Paul Robertson, Kure Beach Pier and Jack Mackerels, provided free food service during the clean-up and many snacks for all the responders during the storm.

Barbara Garganus, Freddy's, unloaded their freezers and donated food to feed us.

George Turner, Kure Beach Diner and Beach Burgers, donated food for our tired and hungry


Hoplite in Carolina Beach also provided food for Kure Beach.

You can only imagine how great it was to have this level of support to feed us after long, hot, wet shifts.

Thanks also to locals that stepped up with personal support during the storm providing guidance and manpower to help us resolve any crisis we faced.

Retired Fire Chief Harold Heglar

Retired Police Chief Dennis Cooper

Resident Mike King who opened his home to our first responders when we lost facilities at the Air Force Base and some of the ceiling in the Fire Station. An oasis of rest and food.

And finally, thank you Captain Litaker and Captain Noble of the National Guard for your valued support.

A tremendous team effort.

Craig Bloszinsky, Mayor Kure Beach