Dear Residents of Kure Beach,

Labor Day is just ahead and soon we will all experience the move from "In Season" to a more relaxed environment. We are still in the heart of Hurricane Season so we cannot be too relaxed and I hope each of you has an emergency plan ready should the need arise. Mayor Pro-Tem David Heglar (also our emergency manager) had two classes this year on preparedness and you can review the information on our Town website under Emergency Information titled Emergency Presentation or click here to view it. It is well worth your time.

I want to let you all know what your Town Council and staff are focusing on during this period and the new fiscal year. This is not the exhaustive list, but an example of what priorities we have before us.

* We are working with the authorities at Sunny Point to clear all the ditches from the west end of town to the river. The intent is to make sure the drainage paths are not blocked by vegetation, trees or debris.

* We are working on an Environmental Enhancement Grant to add dune infiltration systems along the beach front area. This would trap contaminants and put cleaner water into the ocean.

* We received bids to be discussed at the next Council meeting for the Drainage Study for the entire town. Council will set priorities to have this work done in stages. This looks at what we have, what we may need and potentially how we may improve it. It is important that we all realize that at times Mother Nature will exceed the engineered capabilities of any system in place. The example is Hurricane Florence, no engineered system is designed to handle that much water that quickly. This work cannot prevent all flooding, but it can help minimize disasters.

* The new water meter contract has been awarded and new meters will start being installed beginning in September. The swap does not take very long and many residents may not notice the work on the easements.

* We are in the final stages of receiving a grant to replace an existing beach crossover with an ADA compliant ramp at the north end of town near the entry to Kure Beach.

* Our Police Department is pursing grants for additional cameras in critical areas of town. This allows our patrolling officers in one end of town to check the cameras in other areas for any disturbances. Our new additional officer has been hired and will start on the force in October.

Both of these items will add to our desire to keep our town safe for residents and visitors.

* We have worked with UNCW to engage two interns to work on recommendations and ideas for the downtown preservation plans and get ideas on environmental initiatives for our town. These services are provided at no cost as part of a graduate program at UNCW.

* We have concluded our consultant safety audit of the town departments and are in the process of building a safety team to have a consistent approach across all departments. We want a safe environment for our residents and our staff.

* Interviews for the new compliance officer for the Building Inspections office have concluded and an offer will be determined shortly. With the rapid growth in our Town this will help make compliance more pro-active and allow a better distribution of the many jobs in that department.

* What's next is a review of parking over the last season, what worked and what is needed; certification programs for our staff to ensure we have the proper training to support the regulatory requirements for Public Works. We have certified employees but that work should be shared across a broader group of workers since many requirements are 365 days a year.

This note may be long but I want you to know that we are busy working for you to make the Town safe, protected and beautiful for us and the future. We want this to be the best place to live that we can reasonably afford and thereby continue to grow the property values and the life experience at Kure Beach.

Best Regards,

Craig Bloszinsky, Mayor