Missed recycling pick ups

On Saturday, December 29th, Waste Management had a truck break down and could not finish the recycling pick up. A truck will be heretoday (Monday the 31st)to pickup any carts missed. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have plastic bags in your cart, and I sawsome, Waste Management will not empty the cart. Waste Management does not recycle plastic bags. Please refer to the written and picture instructions on the lid of the cart telling you what may and may not be recycled. If your cart has a plastic bag in it, please remove the plastic bag if you want your recycling picked up. I also saw plastic bags next to the recycling carts. Those will not be picked up either. Food Lion, Harris Teeter and Lowes food storesaccept plastic bags for recycling. I am aware that recycling was missed at the following locations.

100-500 blocks of Settlers Lane, Anchor Way, Sloop Point, Largo, Ocean View, Trout Lane.

If anywhere else was missed, please let me know at 458-8216. Thank you.

Nancy Avery, Town Clerk