New Year's Eve and Ocean Front Park

The Island of Lights New Year's Eve celebration will be held in Kure Beach this year. Festivities begin at 9 pm with fire works at midnight. We apologize that the Ocean Front Park construction is not complete and won't be used for the event this year.

Construction of the park will continue into January 2013. Finishing touches on the pavilion, pervious paver installation, landscaping and paving of Atlantic Avenue are yet to be finished.

If you are in town and seeing the newly redone boardwalk for the first time, don't forget to check out the engraved Bluefish.57 fish are nowinstalled near the beach access next to the pier and the new ADA access in front of the park site. Costfor aBluefish is $220. The park site will have 4 bench swings like those on the boardwalk.Only 3 of the swings in the park site are left for commemoration/sponsorship at $2,000 each. Cost of the swing includes 2 Bluefish with engraving of your choice and a wooden cutout above the swingof your choice (like those on the boardwalk). Benches on the boardwalk are also available for commemoration/sponsorship at $1,800 each. Cost includes up to 4 Bluefish with engravings of your choice. Proceeds from the Bluefish, benches and swings will be used for activities at the park and debt repayment. Come make a memory in Kure Beach! To order, visit the Town's website or drop by Town Hall at 117 Settlers Lane, M-F from 9 am to 5 pm or call 910-458-8216.