This is official notice that the Kure Beach Town Council will hold a public hearing as follows:

Date: Monday, October 22, 2018

Time: 5 pm, or soon thereafter

Place: Temporary Town Hall at the Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area

Purpose: Consider proposed amendments to Chapter 19 (Zoning), Article VI (Signs),

Section 373 (Exceptions)

Amendment will add a new subsection, (9), to read as follows:

"Freestanding or monument signs for existing homeowner associations of more than 4 lots noting only entrances, and/or common areas designated for owners use i.e. pool, parking lot, tennis court, clubhouse, etc. Signs shall be limited to 32 square feet and up to 8' tall, shall be illuminated from the exterior only, and shall be constructed of the same material to have a similar look of the homes located within the HOA. No sign shall contain any changeable copy system. When using this exception, no more than 2 signs per entrance and/or common areas are allowed. Permitting process of Section 19-374 applies".

Proposed amendment may be viewed at Town Hall.