The state is updating a major coastal planning tool which was first issued in 2009; the Beach Inlet Management Plan (BIMP). The contractor that is updating the plan, Moffatt & Nicol, will host a public meeting to gather input on September 8, 2016. The meeting will be held at the Government Center, 230 Government Center Drive in Wilmington, from 6-8 pm. Three other meetings will take place along the coast during this same time frame.

"We plan to release the BIMP draft on November 1st, so this series of public meetings will give us a chance to share some of our findings and receive feedback from communities for the draft," said Johnny Martin, Coastal & Hydraulic Engineer for Moffatt & Nicol. The final report is due December 1.

According to the state's website, "The purpose of the BIMP is to preserve and enhance the value of the coastal resources of North Carolina, through the development of a systematic management strategy for the state's oceanfront beaches and active tidal inlet complexes."

For the past year the Association has been working to build grassroots support for dedicated, predictable state funding for beach re-nourishment as federal funding decreases. The effort is called the Coalition for NC Beaches. NCAR, and several local associations have also signed on, including OBAR and RRAR. It is anticipated that the 2017 General Assembly will address dedicated state funding for beach re-nourishment.