The Town of Kure Beach is seeking members for the following Committees, Boards and Commissions:


The Kure Beach Town Council is accepting applications to fill vacancies on the Kure Beach Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).   The seven person HPC is responsible for reviewing proposed changes to exterior building features within the Kure Beach Downtown Preservation Overlay District and issuing Certificates of Appropriateness (COAs).  The HPC is a quasi-judicial body.   The Town is looking for 2 regular members and 2 alternate members to fill open vacancies on the HPC.  In particular, at least 1 of the regular member vacancies must be filled by a property owner within the B-1/Downtown district. In addition, members of the HPC should have special interest, experience, and/or education in history, architecture, archaeology, or related fields.  The commission meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month at 6 pm.   Regular members are voting members of the HPC.  An alternate member attends meetings to stay current with matters before the commission, but does not vote. An alternate member automatically becomes a regular member whenever there is a vacancy on the commission.  Property owners in the B-1/Downtown district are encouraged to apply.  Please click here to fill out the application. 



This board hears & decides on the outcome of appeals for variances and decisions of the Building Inspector related to the zoning ordinances of the Town. The board meets annually in January at the Town Hall and as needed when a case comes before the board. This board is seeking for two alternate members. An alternate member sits on the board when a full member can't be present for the meeting. Please click here to fill out the application. 



The Community Center Committee took a pause during the pandemic which resulted in some membership turnover. They are now back in action – ready to recruit and rebuild. If you’re interested in serving your community with a great group of folks, they are looking for a couple citizen volunteers.

The Community Center Committee helps promote and oversee the use of the Kure Beach Community Center. The Committee works with the Recreation Department to recommend policies and procedures to Town Council that promote and encourage the use of the facility for public enjoyment and benefit. They plan and implement various activities and programs at the Center throughout the year, such as the annual BBQ, holiday crafts, yard sales and more. They are also open to suggestions for new ideas and programs.

The Committee currently meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 9:30 AM in the Community Center building, although the day and time are flexible should a majority of members favor otherwise. If you’re interested in joining this group of dedicated volunteers, please complete the application by clicking here.



The Marketing committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Wilmington/Cape Fear Coast CVB marketing staff, developing marketing and advertising efforts to promote travel and tourism to Kure Beach. The budget for these efforts is determined by the promotion/marketing portion of the second 3% Room Occupancy Tax. The committee meets in January, March, April, and August on the 4th Tuesday of every month, 11:30 am at Town Hall. Please click here to fill out the application.