Beach Protection Committee

ON DECEMBER 17, 2013, Council voted to merge the Beach Protection Committee and the Shoreline Access and Parking Committee into one committee. The newly-merged committee met for the first time on January 7, 2014 to decide on a name. The name of the newly-merged committee is officially the Shoreline Access, Beach Protection and Parking Committee. Please see that committee's webpage for minutes and other information beginning in 2014.

Mission Statement (April 2006 to December 2013): The mission of the Kure Beach Beach Protection Committeeis to work with Town officials, residents and staff to oversee the operation and maintenance of Town beach protection and preservation efforts and projects. The committee will make inspections of the beach and report the findings to the Town Council on a regular basis. The committee will advise and educate the community on efforts necessary to improve the quality of the beach for public use and enjoyment by its citizens.

Organization: 7 members and 1 alternate. Established April 2006;Merged December 17, 2013.

1st Tuesday of each month, 3:30pm at Town Hall.

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