Clean-up and Recovery

Emergency and damage assessment officials will make the first survey of land areas affected by the hurricane to identify priority areas for clean up. A financial loss evaluation will determine the need for a disaster declaration. When local government is unable to financially recover from the destruction caused by a hurricane, state and/or federal government officials will request an "official" declaration. In response to an "official" disaster declaration, additional state and federal agencies will come to the aid of local government. Hurricane damage documentation is essential to qualify for the maximum amount of assistance in clean up and recovery operations. Initial statements of financial loss may not indicate the need for an "official" disaster declaration, however, if subsequent reports warrant a declaration, detailed records will be invaluable.

  • Clean-up and recovery operations will begin in the following priority
  • Search and rescue for disaster victims
  • Clear roadways used by emergency vehicles. Ensure the integrity of the water systems
  • Restore sewer systems operations
  • Restore communications
  • Restore power
  • Remove debris
  • All clean-up and recovery activities will be coordinated with other assisting agencies and utility companies