Family Evacuation Plans

If you live in a mobile home, always evacuate. You can go to a shelter or stay with family. Consider buying and pre-cutting plywood for each window that will be covered.

  • Create an emergency plan including plans for the sick & elderly for whom you may be responsible
  • Monitor all weather advisories
  • Secure loose items
  • Board windows
  • Store water in plastic containers or purchase bottled water
  • Turn refrigerator/freezers to coldest setting
  • Fuel vehicles
  • Stock up on non-perishable food items
  • Purchase a battery powered radio, flashlight & plenty of extra batteries
  • Locate insurance and other important papers. Place them in a safe place or prepare to take them with you
  • Make arrangements for pets
  • Notify relatives or friends of your shelter or evacuation location
  • Review stock of medications
  • Conduct banking and acquire cash (ATM machines may not function after a storm)
  • Remove boats from water
  • Monitor weather advisories constantly
  • Create your plan prior to the event and stick with your plan