What to Expect During & After a Hurricane


If you are unable to evacuate before the hurricane hits, STAY INDOORS. Do not be fooled by the eye of the hurricane and its temporary period of peaceful weather conditions. The duration of time within the eye varies from several minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the severity of the storm. The larger and more intense the hurricane, the bigger its eye. When the eye of the hurricane has passed, the winds will return from the opposite direction. Remember to stay away from windows and glass doors. The high winds associated with hurricanes can turn a small piece of debris into a missile able to seriously injure you.


After the storm has passed, the re-entry procedures will begin. Don't become agitated if you are not allowed back to your home as soon as the storm is over. Only after the entire area has been declared safe will residents be allowed to return home. Re-entry instructions will be communicated to the public through radio, television and law enforcement officials.

Re-entry documentation: In order to return to your property when access to the town is restored, it is critical that you have proof of ownership of property in Kure Beach, such as a utility or tax bill or deed. The Town sells storm decals to display on your vehicle that may help with faster identification at the bridge. These decals are voluntary, not mandatory. They sell for $5 from January 1st to March 31st and $15 from April 1st to December 31st.

When you return to your residence or venture outside after the storm, beware of the following things:

  • Look for obvious structural damage to your home.
  • Watch out for loose or dangling electrical power lines and broken sewer or water pipes. If you see any, notify local officials immediately.
  • Make sure all electrical outlets and appliances are dry and free of water before turning your electrical power back on.
  • Do not drink water from the faucet until local officials notify you that it is safe from contamination. Use your emergency supply or boil tap water before drinking.
  • Without electricity to keep refrigerators running, food will spoil in only a few hours. Do not refreeze food once it begins to thaw.
  • Snakes, animals and insects instinctively travel inland to escape approaching flood waters. Be on the lookout for them and be prepared to protect yourself.