Vacationing in Kure


Sondra Nelder visited Kure Beach with her family in the 50's as a young girl. The family remodeled a "fishing barracks" with concrete cinder block at 3rd and G Streets. Roads were not paved. The day was spent going fishing, going to the beach, drinking lemonade, eating grilled pimiento cheese sandwiches at Smitty's, and checking general delivery mail at the post office which is where the T-shirt Shack is now. The evening started at the Boardwalk and Brits Donuts at Carolina Beach, and learning to shag and do the stroll and the Continental under the strobe light at "The Rec"-dancing just for kids under 18 years. About three times a week a man would come around selling vegetables from his truck. Sondra now lives in Kure Beach.