Define "Trash"

Discarded matter and rubbish. Some examples include: cigarette butts, bottles,bottle tops, fruit peels, pieces of plastic and broken toys.

What should we do with the trash collected?

The trash can go in bins at each access site. If the bins are full, you can place the trash next to the bin for pick-up by the Town. You can also take the collected trash with you and dispose of it at your home.

Should we go into the dunes to pick up the trash?

No, do not walk on the dunes to pick up the trash. If you see something large or dangerous in the dunes, please call Public Works at 910-458-5816 or send us an email through this site.

Who will provide the supplies to pick up the litter?

The group or individual adopting that beach is responsible for getting supplies, i.e. trash bags, gloves, or pickers. We also suggest you wear sunscreen, hats and protective clothing while you are on patrol of your designated beach section.

Is training necessary to do this?

No. Everything you need is in the Program Guidelines section on this website. However, if you do have other questions, please submit them in the Contact section of this website. We will respond to your question as soon as possible.

Should we do something about big holes dug in the sand?

If you want to fill the holes for the safety of others, you are welcome to do so, but it is not a requirement for the volunteers of the Adopt-a-Beach program.

What should we do about large tents and equipment left on the beach?

Tents, or equipment such as broken chairs or coolers left on the beach are not the responsibility of the Adopt-a-Beach volunteers.

How will the Adopt-a-Beach Program be monitored?

Clean-ups will not be monitored. We rely on individuals/groups who have signed up for a beach section to honor their commitment. Our clean beaches will be the result of those efforts.

Can we recycle appropriate trash items?

Yes. Recycle bins are located along the Kure Beach Boardwalk or you can take the recyclables home and put them in your recycle bin.

How often should the designated beach section be checked?

During the tourist season, Memorial Day through Labor Day, it is good to check the beach daily, if possible. During the warmer weather in the fall and spring, two-three times a week is preferred. During the colder months, usually January and February, once a week is sufficient.

Where should I park?

Please refer to the Map section of this website for parking information, indicated by a P on the map.

Can more than one group/person adopt the same beach?

Absolutely. Please submit your request whether the star is green or red. It is really better if more than one person/group adopts the same beach, especially in the summer when keeping up with the trash on the beach is more difficult.